Law Tech: JD Supra


The JD Supra website is a good place to find articles about specific legal topics, legal briefing and pleadings, and case law, as well as to learn a bit more about a lawyer’s practice. A registered user of the site can upload documents by category or type and posted documents are searchable and can be found on the Web; creating a repository of legal documents with an internet cast. According to the website owners:

JD Supra lets you create an impressive online portfolio of your articles, newsletters, alerts, court filings, and presentations in minutes. Then, we help you get noticed (by prospective clients, colleagues and the media), so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – great work!

A single user or firm can post documents and create a profile for free but they can also pay a registration fee to be able to post contact information and to employ the site for more powerful marketing purposes. A “widget” for JD Supra can be found on the footer of this site.

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