Practice Areas

In January 2001, the Law Offices of Eric Brian Johnson began serving counties central to Seattle and Bainbridge Island, Washington. Since then, the firm’s reach has expanded to include several metro areas of California and Minnesota, as well as almost every county in Washington State. We defend or prosecute civil actions in the following areas of practice:

  • Personal Injury/Wrongful Death: Claims concerning personal injury or death caused by alleged negligence; cases involving issues of product defect(s) (e.g., in motor vehicles, industrial tools, food, drugs); premises liability (e.g., claims alleging dangerous conditions of residential, commercial, or government property); alleged civil rights violations (e.g., claims of police excessive force); construction site accidents; and claims arising in the context of sport, recreational activities and related equipment.
  • Construction: Construction defect claims involving custom homes, multi-family housing and commercial structures; claims concerning work of developers, general contractors and/or subcontractors/specialty trades; construction contract and insurance issues. Mr. Johnson has extensive experience in construction damages caused by expansive soils, earthquake, landslide, soil subsidence and water intrusion.
  • Professional Liability: Claims alleging malpractice by attorneys, architects and engineers, accountants, medical doctors or other licensed professionals.
  • Employment Law: Claims alleging age and/or disability discrimination.
  • Commercial Litigation.
  • Subrogation: Insurance subrogation actions arising from damages caused by fire, explosion, or other catastrophic events.
  • Trial Support: We will consider proposal(s) to associate in cases requiring pre-trial and trial support in those courts/jurisdictions in which Eric is admitted.

Our work is supported by staff, consultants/experts, and when necessary, contract or associated attorneys, enabling the firm to handle cases of almost any size and complexity.

The firm’s client list and references include large insurers and companies, as well as, small businesses and individuals. Additional information is available upon request.

If you believe we may make a good match in working together to resolve your legal problems, please call us so we can talk: (206) 489-5530; toll free at (888) 992-7872 or contact Eric by email at or by using the contact us form on this website. Thank you.